Installing FRBR Redis Datastore

Directions for installing FRBR-Redis-Datastore on an Ubuntu 11.10 server. Directions for installing FRBR-Redis-Datastore on Windows or Macintosh are similar but will require different installation directions for some of the project’s dependencies.

Install Redis

  1. Use wget to download Redis tar file $ wget
  2. Untar the file $ tar xzf redis-2.4.6.tar.gz
  3. Run make $ make

Install virtualenv

  1. Install virtualenv. If you already have pip installed, then run the command $ pip install virtualenv. If you do not have pip, download the following file
  2. To create your virtual environment use either $ virtualenv ENV or if you are using the file, then $ python ENV. (ENV should be the name of your FRBR-Redis-Datastore virtual environment, say, frbr-redis-env or some easy to remember name)
  3. Activate your new virtual environment with the following command: $ source ENV/bin/activate, you should now see your prompt change to (ENV)$.

Clone FRBR-Redis-Datastore from github

  1. Clone FRBR-Redis-Datastore from github at (ENV)$ git clone git:// You should now have a new directory named FRBR-Redis-Datastore. For now, you need to manually change this directory to all lowercase so run the following command: (ENV)$ mv FRBR-Redis-Datastore frbr-redis-datastore. This will be changed in future versions.
  2. Change directories (ENV)$ cd frbr-redis-datastore and then run the following command, (ENV)$ pip install -r requirements.txt. This will install most of the dependencies required by the`FRBR-Redis-Datastore` project.